Claimant Packages

Claimant eligibility and detailed proposed settlement process...

Settlement agreement

Once a claimant has opted-in to the settlement, Flow Claims...

Proceeds distribution

We coordinate the distribution of settlement proceeds utilizing...

Winning Is Only the Beginning

Fighting for and winning compensation in class action lawsuits or mass torts is only the beginning. Then comes the complex, lengthy and detail-oriented work of settling the claims.

Our Solution
We Administer Settlements So You Can Focus On Practicing Law

We manage the entire settlement administration process for you, working with many types of cases, including those involving pharmaceuticals, medical devices, product liability, banking, racial discrimination, government settlements, wrongful death, and more.

Our services
Turnkey Service Offerings

We serve as your Claims Administrator, with “best of breed” solutions to handle such varied tasks as


Designing the settlement administration process


Implementing the appropriate claimant communication protocols


Resolving liens


Administering Qualified Settlement Funds (QSFs)(468B Trust)

government benefits

Monitoring and reviewing government benefits

Managing claims

Managing claims by driving participation rates, processing claims documents, and verifying claims data


Monitoring bankruptcy


Managing medical monitoring programs

Doing It All for You

Our paralegals, attorneys, and settlement and business professionals handle the process from start to finish. It’s a cost-effective claims settlement process, with appropriate communications protocols during every stage of the process.

Let’s Talk

If you need help with claim settlement administration, contact us for a free pre-settlement consultation with one of our trained experts.