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    About Us

    Atlanta-based Flow Claims Administration boasts more than 100 years of total industry experience amongst its leadership team. FCA was created by business owners for business owners who know firsthand the time and expense required to manage the daily operations of running a successful business. We’re not an “automated app” company. We pride ourselves on personalized customer care.

    Flow Claims services all industries, including but not limited to education, industrial, hospitality, and transportation.

    We maintain a nationwide presence with offices throughout the United States and have plans to expand to even more markets.

    Wherever you are, Flow Claims is here to handle the headaches while you focus on your core business.

    Flow Claims’ mission is to provide organizations with Back Office Support Services (B.O.S.S.) through prudent management of human capital, regulatory compliance, and financial resources.

    Let’s Talk

    If you need help with claim settlement administration, contact us for a free pre-settlement consultation with one of our trained experts.