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    Medical Lien Resolution Specialists

    Since 2010, the Flow MTS team has diligently and professionally worked to resolve all manner of medical liens for our clients. Our leadership team is composed of tenured legal, insurance claims, operations, and tech professionals, all leaders in their fields. Our technology and operations platforms, built from the ground up, efficiently resolve large scale liens while providing real-time claimant level insights at each stage of the process.

    Our Medical Lien Services

    Flow MTS works to resolve all types of medical liens by:

    Flow MTS can resolve medical liens one-by-one or, in certain situations, all at once using global medical modeling.

    Flow MTS investigates and resolves governmental, private, and hospital liens, offering the following coverage for each type:

    Government medical plans:
    Hospital and provider liens
    Private medical plans:

    Superior Client Servicing

    We believe in superior client care which is why we are by your side every step of the way to ensure that your work is done in the most efficient manner with every component accounted for. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to manage the resolution of many thousands of liens simultaneously. We provide clients with:

    Our professionals understand that distilling complicated legal matters with a people-first approach is a critical requirement for handling large scale lien resolution with many claimants. That is why we look at everything we do through the eyes of our clients, ensuring that we are providing the services and information they need to perform in a high-quality and professional manner commensurate with the value their clients expect.