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    Proper Notifications and Automated Settlement Award Disbursement

    Administrative support throughout the entire mass tort settlement process

    Our Solution
    Our Claimant-Centric Process

    After a free pre-settlement consultation, we engage with you in a claimant-centric process. From client intake to settlement disbursement and everything in between, we leverage extensive expertise in our field.

    We have everything you need:

    Claimant correspondence packages

    Claimant eligibility and detailed proposed settlement process ensure that claimants’ eligibility is correctly identified and adequately informed according to the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

    Settlement agreement or order

    Once a claimant has opted-in to the settlement, Flow Claims establishes according to the Settlement Agreement or Order. Accordingly, the methodology used to evaluate all claims, a schedule of fees, estimated expenses, and current lien applications against a claimant’s settlement award amount determines the number of points, and net settlement award for each claimant is determined and applied.

    Settlement proceeds distribution

    We coordinate the distribution of settlement proceeds utilizing utilize the industry’s most widely utilized and technologically advanced QSF platform.

    Our Platform

    Our “Best in Class” Platform

    Our patented proprietary platform, the FCA Settlement Claims Administration System, supports each step and allows real-time access to data via a dedicated client portal. We utilize a “best of breed” approach. We work with the best available forms handling, processing, and imaging solutions. Our quality-controlled approach is to fully automate paper and forms handling for effective operations and high quality.


    Our Services

    We offer an extensive array of services related to settling class action and mass tort claims:

    Areas of Expertise

    Our Areas of Expertise

    We have worked in virtually every major area of class action mass tort claims settlement, including:

    Lien Resolution and Set-Asides

    Let us help you with lien resolution and related matters: