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    Qualified Settlement Fund Administration

    As part of its comprehensive, independent suite of services for mass tort and class action settlements, Flow establishes and administers qualified settlement funds through our QSF team, who possess decades of experience.

    The QSF Process

    There are multiple options for distributing claimant rewards in large settlements. A QSF is the most advanaged for two reasons.  First, it permits interest earned during the settlement process to be used to benefit plaintiffs, instead of being retained by defendants. Second, a QSF permits the expeditious determination and payment of liens and case expenses, including attorneys fees. 

    When a case is settled and a QSF is used, the defendant makes a payment to the trust to be used to satisfy their obligation to claimants. This payment releases the defendant from all claims and allows the defendant to claim an immediate tax deduction for the payment made into the QSF.

    Using a QSF allows claimants the time needed to thoughtfully consider their settlement options and make decisions most beneficial to their individual needs. Time gained by using a QSF helps on the administrative side by allowing for lien resolution and proper documentation to be executed. With a QSF claimants are treated individually and need not wait for all claimants issues to be resolved to receive their distribution.

    Flow MTS provides for the distribution of settlement proceeds through an industry leading QSF platform.

    Our services include:

    Our professionals understand the difficulties and sensitivities of managing multiple litigant settlements which is why we take a people-first approach. By looking at everything we do through the eyes of our clients we can ensure that claimants receive their settlement distribution in a timely manner with the utmost of care.